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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A young romance

Cleo has a boyfriend.  His name is Freddie and his entire body is about the size of her head.  Their romance started a few weeks ago when Ryan and I went to Istanbul.  Our friend Mary had just gotten a pug puppy and was kind enough to take on babysitting our girl while bringing a new dog into her home.  We were all a little scared as the two dogs were introduced because Cleo is so big and Freddie is so small.  Would he be scared of her?  Would she gobble him up in one bite?  To our intense delight their first encounter involved a lot of tail wagging and Freddie licking Cleo on the nose.  Their first kiss... sigh.

It's been a few weeks now and their relationship has progressed, as all relationships do.  They've had 3 dates since and their excitement to see each other is very obvious.  They play and wrestle and bite each other like crazy as all puppies would do.  But because Cleo is so much bigger it is very comical to watch.  They both feel like they're the same size, little puppies playing around.  But she's a giant compared to him so we have to watch how they play so no one accidentally gets hurt.

Just to warn everyone watching, these are puppy bites, no one is getting hurt!  And don't let Freddie's small size fool you, he is wicked and goes after her too.

I about a year we're thinking we'll buy Freddie a step stool and let them take their relationship to the next level so we can have some Puggolden puppies!  :)

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