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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Newest Weight Loss Trick!

I have found it.  The most amazing, unbelievable solution to weight loss ever!  And it's so easy.  No pills, creams or crazy exercise regimes.

All you have to do is get pregnant!

Act now and I'll throw in some stylish maternity belly pants for free!

(Sorry, I know, 2 pregnancy posts back to back is a bit much, don't worry I have cute Cleo videos and odd stories about Cairo coming soon, promise!)

Ok, but seriously... one of the things most women fret about is how big they're going to get while pregnant.  *By the way, these are also usually the women who weigh themselves daily and talk about calories like they're actually an interesting subject of conversation.*

I wasn't worried about how much weight I would gain... thanks to my mom I was given the extremely rare gift of a healthy body image.  We had conversations about how strong and beautiful the human body is when you take care of it. I can see myself clearly, and I'm pretty happy with what I've been given, even if I don't look like the models on the covers of magazines.

What I wasn't expecting to learn at my doctor's appointment last night, was that I've lost weight, again.  Even with the bigger belly/uterus/baby/boobs, and the fact that we just got back from two weeks of gorging on delicious American favorites, I've still managed to lose 6 pounds since becoming pregnant.  Got to admit that's stumping me a bit.  I have been trying to eat healthy, you know give the little guy some much needed vitamins and nutrients, but I've enjoyed my share of the bad stuff too.  I realize there's not as much room in there, so my meals have been smaller and more frequent.  But come on, losing weight, that's kinda weird right? Especially since I didn't get horribly sick and throw up everything I ate during the first trimester.  Right now I'm about 10 pounds behind where I should be for healthy pregnancy weight gain.

Who knows, maybe I've found the next diet fad?  I should probably warn you that the FDA has not endorsed this method of weight loss yet.  So your results might vary from mine.  And yes I give everyone full permission to laugh their asses off if I balloon into the good year blimp over the next few months.  It only seems fair.  :)


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