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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photo dump

It will probably come as no surprise that this week's photo dump consists entirely of baby pictures.  I knew my focus would be pulled from other things, but I didn't truly realize how much "the baby" takes over every minute of every day.  How it can suddenly be noon and I haven't done a thing for myself yet, because there were so many things to do for him.  Luckily my mom has been visiting, which means an extra set of hands to help with laundry and cleaning and midnight baby rocking.  I can't imagine what zombies Ryan and I would be without her here in these first few weeks.

Anyway, back to the pictures... I know that's all you're here for.  :)

Is there anything better than a baby sleeping on your chest?

Loves his mobile, will lay in the crib cooing over it for an hour.

Learning to enjoy bath time!

Thanks for the onesie great grandma, it fits perfectly!  

My feet are as long as my shins!  I'm gonna be a tall boy.  

Chilling with grandma.

Uncle nick finally held me!  :)

Opening my eyes more and more every day!  

I'm so cute, people can't stop kissing me... It gets kind of annoying when I'm trying to sleep.


  1. Beautiful photos of your son! It's amazing when they are so small. Enjoy. (Yeah, I think I only got 4 hours of sleep a night. Both kids were night feeders).