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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Goodbye AIS

As of tomorrow there are officially 2 weeks of school left.  That's 10 more days of waking up and coming to work.  Which means it's time to start saying goodbye to AIS, our home for the last 4 years.

The American International School of Egypt is a remarkable place. The walls are vibrant, full of artwork, posters, displays of projects. The hallways are crowded between classes, the students filling more and more space as the year goes on and their bodies push higher into the sky.

In many ways it's very different from every school I attended myself, or taught at in America.  The hallways are loud, way louder than I ever experienced, because Egyptians are loud. They yell, hoot, and shout at each other in daily conversation. The language in the hallways is primarily Arabic, though you do hear tidbits of English. The boys are constantly touching, holding hands, hanging onto each other, kissing each other on the cheeks, but you see very little pda between boys and girls.

In so many other ways, most ways really, it's exactly like every other school in the world.  It's full of kids.  The little ones poke along getting distracted by anything and everything, as they get older they travel in packs.  There are cliques, popular kids and ones that eat their lunch alone. There are messy lockers, stuffed book bags and lunch boxes in the lost and found.

It's been a wonderful place to work, and Ryan and I are really going to miss it next year. One of the hardest decisions we had to make was to leave a place where we both enjoy our jobs. This school has given us so much, and the faculty especially are wonderful. It's hard to imagine that we could be as lucky anywhere else, but we're hoping our new school can live up to our expectations.

In no time at all, we'll be hugging our friends, taking a last look behind and leaving this place for good.

And the thing I'll miss the most is how much all these wonderful people love Q. They dote on him, steal him from each other, give him kisses, hugs and call out his name when we walk in the door. AIS has been so good to us, the people have loved our son like their own. The school has become a part of our family, which is why it's so hard to say goodbye.


Goodbye AIS, thanks for all the good memories! 

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