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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in a nutshell

This time last year I was with my family in France and Ryan and I were plowing our way through 8 course meals for the holidays.  It's amazing how quickly life changes and how much can happen!  Our lives are so full right now I actually needed to look through my picture albums on iPhoto to remember it all.  2011 was a wonderful year, here's what happened in a nutshell.

Visited Paris and Bordeaux, kissed in the snow in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Egypt had a revolution and we were evacuated to Sharm El Sheikh for 2 weeks.  We went back to the states for another 2 weeks while waiting for school to begin again.  It was nice to see family and friends, we even made it to Tampa with Corinne and Jeremy for a hockey game.   We are very blessed to work for a company that takes such good care of their employees!

We visited friends in Maadi for a barbecue and learned that cheating at soccer is a tradition in Egypt. (according to Zein)

Mary Girgis and her girls took me with them to the Wissa Wassef tapestry school in Giza.  Then we ate dinner at Barrys and rode horses around the Pyramids at sunset.

For Spring Break we went to Alexandria with Brooke and Ryan Welborn.  We'd been there before but this time we saw everything!

The rest of the spring was long and arduous.  I spent the majority of it writing and Ryan was very busy with his class of 5th graders.

When summer came we had an extremely hectic schedule of travel.  Ryan went to Brussels for IB training.  The day he arrived back in Cairo we flew home to the states to visit family and for me to go to a conference in CA.  In the month of July we flew to:  London, Orlando, San Jose, Seattle, Houston, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Detroit, Paris, Amsterdam, and back to Cairo.  We visited family on both coasts and even traveled to Canada with Ryan's parents.  We had over 27 flights total in the month of July and we were pooped.  Luckily our last flight was to Copenhagen for a 9 day cruise around the Baltic Sea.  We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary at the ballet in St. Petersburg.

As the summer drew to a close and we returned to Cairo we made a life changing decision and got a dog.  Cleo was one of the best things we did in 2011.

This fall we went to Dahab and learned to scuba dive.  

We traveled to Istanbul and made some wonderful friendships.  

And to cap the year off with a bang, we spent two weeks with Ryan's parents seeing Upper Egypt on a Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor.

All in all 2011 was pretty damn amazing!  We set foot on 4 continents, traveled to 10 countries, lived through a revolution, brought a puppy into our family and made it through our first year of marriage.  Looking forward to all the wonderful things to come in 2012!

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