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Monday, January 16, 2012

Need a book to read!

I am desperately in need of a new book to read.  Want to know what's so funny about that?  I'm actually in the middle of reading 4 right now.  Three that I'm reading and critiquing for writer friends and my own because I'm an obsessive freak.  I keep going back to my pages in fear that something has changed while my computer screen was closed.  Manuscript elves maybe?

But anyway, I digress...I need a fun book, something that I can just melt into and not have to think about grammar or plot or point of view.  I just finished "Winter Sea" and while it was good, it wasn't great.  That's the problem I've been finding lately.  It's taking a lot more to wow me into loving a book than it used to.  I think part of it is the writing process, it makes me uber aware of poor technique or shoddy plot lines.  So many books feel formulaic now.

Oh how I miss those special moments in the past.  I actually have a warm and fuzzy feeling for the days I started to read some of my favorite books.  It was the start of a journey into novels and series that captured my curiosity.  The list is small, but the books I can remember being mesmerized with are:

Harry Potter- Big duh and if you've never read them and only seen the movies I feel bad for you.

Outlander- I was depressed for a week when I finished this series!  I loooooooove the characters, it's a completely addicting read.

The eye of the world - This one was a surprise to me, because I didn't think I would love it so much, and I didn't know it would eventually be 12 novels all the size of a dictionary.  Still to this date it is the most impressive series I've ever read because damn!  There are like 57 main characters.  How on earth Robert Jordan kept his plot lines and characters in order is beyond me!

Hunger Games- I stayed up all night with this one.  I literally could not wrench the book from my fingers.  It didn't matter that I had to go to work the next day, nothing mattered but reading.  That is very rare to find.

Clan of the Cave Bear- This was probably the first adult series I ever read.  It is so beautifully epic, I still like to reread it every few years.

Twilight- I didn't think I'd like Twilight.  I'm not into vampires, whiny girls, or stories that are more about romance that plot.  But once again damn.  I think it's something about her voice, Stephanie Meyers just knows how to grab you.  Couldn't put the books down.

Trickster's Choice- Can't believe I almost forgot Tamora Pierce.  This series is fantastic and I love her writing.  She's not as well known as she should be.  Ali is one of my all time favorite characters!

I think that's it.  My pantheon of book Gods.  Hopefully I'm not getting so old that I've forgotten one!

So, I'm looking for another one to join this collection.  Any suggestions?  What are you reading?  I love fantasy and Sci Fi, historical fiction.  Give me my next fix!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how the YA lit world has moved right into the adult lit world? I love to look at the best seller lists and see YA books and hear people (and bookclubs) enthusiastically reading Hunger Games as much as the Dragon Tattoo books. Has digitizing books erased the blurry line between the age groups? (Some will say it wasn't ever there.) Love it!
    Recent YA-ish faves...
    Island's End by Venkatraman. Interesting comment on society losing it's *spirit* when a tribal village survives a tsunami and must encounter the modern world.
    Breaking Stalin's Nose by Yelchin. Oh, the heartache when we first question authority.
    The Unforgotten Coat by Boyce. A creative look at being a *good guide* to refugees.
    Saint Louis Armstrong Beach by Woods. Love the post hurricane Katrina books.
    Jefferson's Sons by Bradley. Historical fiction! Charlottesville-ish setting pondering Jefferson's heirs. Still, today, regardless of parentage it begs the question--where do biracial folks fit in?
    "Adult" faves of late...
    The Story of Beautiful Girl by Simon. A brilliant look inside an institution.
    The Art of Fielding by Harbach. Thinking this was a "baseball" book kept me away at first and it shouldn't have.
    Can't wait to get my hands on...
    The Marriage Plot, How it all Began, and 1963.
    Wonder if you'd like..