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Monday, June 18, 2012

Can you feel the blah tonight?

We have three days left of school and I feel so blah it's not even funny. The end of the school year is exhausting. It's also a procrastinator's wet dream since there's so much to be done and so little time to put things off. I would compare it to being adrift in the ocean. You've been paddling for a very long time and your whole body is aching with the need to stop swimming.  Every once and a while your head dips below the surface and you come up sputtering and there's a brief spurt of renewed energy. But for the most part, you're slowly sinking into the water each day.

I always find it funny when people who don't work in education talk about our summers off and how lucky we are. It's true, we are lucky, but anyone who does this job knows that summers aren't the reward they're the necessary treatment from the stress of the year. Our own personal brand of PTSD therapy. We give so much of ourselves, use our energy reserves to the last drop; if we didn't have the summers to recharge no one would get a good education.

So to all my fellow educators, whether you're already finished with school or struggling towards the finish like I am, good job!  Congrats! The year is over and you survived another one. You survived whiny kids, abusive parents, ridiculous expectations, long work days, endless grading and even a staff meeting or two.  Teaching is a wonderful career full of some very unique rewards, but as we all know, it kinda sucks sometimes too.  So thanks for all you do, all the little things that go unnoticed and unappreciated. I hope you enjoy your summer to the fullest and get those batteries recharged so you can keep doing all the amazing things you do each year!

Let the summer begin!

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