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Monday, June 4, 2012

Cletamus Maximus

Have I mentioned how awesome my dog is? I know people who swoon over their pets can be mildly nauseating, but seriously, Cleo is so much fun.

Ryan calls her Cletus most of the time (don't ask me) and she has so many quirky weird habits.  I thought I'd share a few. There's a lot of videos, but none of them are more than about 20 seconds.

She likes to dive under furniture that is entirely too small for her size and "army crawl" to the other side, or like in this case, just collapse and wag her tail.

You remember her shower fetish right? Any time the shower starts she dashes in and perches on the side of the tub. I think it's more for the water spraying in her face than the voyeuristic aspect, but who knows. Lately she's started bringing a toy with her, and holds it in her mouth while watching me shower. Would you like some popcorn with the show?

One toy is simply not enough... She grabs another and plays floor hockey, hitting her tennis ball across the room to chase.

She loves to sleep on her back, with her face buried in something, or where she's about to fall off of something high.

She likes to dance.

Every now and then she goes bat shit crazy and runs around the house like a lunatic

When we go for a walk, she has to be carrying something in her mouth. If we don't supply that something, she finds some trash in the street to carry with her.

She and Tessa have this weird relationship. Cleo is absolutely fascinated by her and loves to attack her!

She likes to be smacked around, especially with a fly swatter.  This video made me so nostalgic, she's so much smaller, still a little puppy!

This is our dog Cleo.... she's weird and funny and always keeps us entertained.

Anyone else have a pet this crazy?

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  1. Hey Devin,

    Miss you. I've been emailing but no response. You okay? Busy busy? On your cruise?
    Get in touch, girl. Missing you!!!