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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My dog is so much cooler than yours

No really she is...

She's always happy and smiling, even when she looks completely ridiculous.

She loves her toys (and I use the term toy here very loosely, as an empty water bottle makes her just as happy as a store bought toy). She loves to "hold" them in her mouth and paws.  A lot of times she just walks around the house holding them in her mouth, not even chewing or playing with them.  She's the only dog I've ever seen use a water bottle as a security blanket.

She's obsessed with the miracle that is our bath tub and practically climbs in whenever I take a bath or shower.

She watches T.V. with us.

She looks you deep in the eyes and you can feel what she's thinking.  Which is usually something along the lines of "You're awesome, I love you" or "Please don't leave me".

She likes to snuggle on the bed, couch, chair.  Wherever we are, she wants to be there too, all 60lbs of her, even if there's no room.

She loves kids and babies.  Every time Audrey is at the house she can barely contain her excitement and spends the entire time wriggling and trying to lick her face.

In fact, every time we come back from being around Audrey she goes crazy smelling us.  This weekend we brought home a carseat from Matt and Tessa's house and every 5 minutes she's in the room.  Hoping the baby will suddenly appear I guess.  

That's our little girl.  Our first child, the one who will soon become an older sister.  She drives us crazy sometimes when she hogs the bed, or makes us late for work.  But in the end she's a pretty incredible dog who we are lucky to have in our lives. We can't wait to see her with her little brother.  Pretty sure she'll want to smother him with love, and steal all his toys, but she's also watch over him, be patient when he accidentally hurts her, and even let him ride her around like a pony if he wants to.  Because she's just that good of a dog.  And possibly also a ninja.

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