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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break + 3rd Trimester = Babymoon?

Tomorrow starts spring break.  Ahhh, just saying it makes me take a deep breath and feel a surge of happiness.

We thought about taking a trip, doing the whole "babymoon" thing.  But exhaustion, coupled with guilt over leaving our dog (when she's going to have a long kennel stay this summer) made us realize that staying home is really the best thing for us right now.  And I'm so freaking excited about it. In fact in the car last night coming home from a Dr. appointment in Maadi, Ryan and I spent about 20 minutes talking about how happy we are that we're not traveling anywhere over the break.  How excited we are to be staying home.

It's funny how things change huh?  When we first started this expat lifestyle, every time there was even the slightest break we were traveling. Exotic locations, beautiful landmarks, the world is so big and there's so much to see, let's go!  Now it's kinda like... hmmm, yeah there are some really cool places to see... but you know what sounds amazing?  Sleeping in and hanging out in my pajamas all day!

It's partly the pregnancy and Ryan's workload, which have deflated our energy levels quite a bit this year.  But it's also partially the fact that the travel bug isn't as strong anymore.  We have a lot more conversations about our future dream home, which state we want to live in, where we might move to next year.  I'm not sure if we're growing up or becoming boring.  Probably a little bit of both, but it's really nice and makes me so grateful for the man I married and the life we're building together.

So this spring break, Ryan and I will make our own babymoon in Cairo.  We'll have lazy mornings in bed, take Cleo to the park, watch movies and try to get our home a little more prepared for its' newest member.

And I'm pretty damn happy thinking about it.  :)

To all our friends and family traveling around the world, hope your flights are quick and painless and you have a wonderful time on your journeys!  We'll hold the fort down here till you get back.

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  1. I saw you blog link on DG Hudson's blog and thought, how did I miss another American living in Egypt? I came to Egypt 20 years ago and live in Hurghada now. Check out my blog, and if you ever want to correspond, my email is: laura.6eg(at)
    Nice to "meet" you! :-)