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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Joy of Pregnancy

When I was kid my mom had this huge white cookbook on the shelf called The Joy of Cooking.  Hopefully I'm not throwing her under the bus by saying this, but I never saw her open its' pages.  Don't mistake me, she's an amazing cook, and probably didn't need the cookbook.  But that book stuck in my mind all this time because of the title. Joy is a word that doesn't apply to many of the mundane parts of daily life, in fact I would dare you to point out 5 things that bring you joy on a daily basis.  I can think of few.  Ryan sliding over in bed to snuggle in the mornings, the first blast of hot water in the shower bringing instant comfort, how excited Cleo gets each and every time we come home, even if we were only gone for a few minutes.  These are the little moments of joy I can count on just about every day.

This pregnancy has been a coin toss of joy and trials.  And now that things are drawing nearer to the finish line I've been thinking almost daily about the things I'll miss and the things I won't. In the spirit of positivity, I'll start with the things I won't miss so we can end with the good.

5 Things I won't miss about pregnancy

1.  Only being able to sleep on my sides.  I miss sleeping on my back and stomach, and the easiness of rolling into any position I want to in the night.

2.  All the banned items, I miss you sushi and seafood and cold medicine.

3.  Everybody and their neighbor feeling the need to tell me how awful/scary/painful/debilitating/scarring childbirth is.  Seriously, what's the deal?

4.  The fact that all my pants pull on with a big elastic belt.  I miss zippers and buttons.

5.  Weird dreams.  So far I've given birth to a 4 year old girl, part baby part alpaca, large beetle like creature and many many normal infants that disappear the moment they're placed in my arms.

5 Things I will miss about pregnancy

1.  The special smile people give me when they see my belly.  

2.  Feeling him move and tumble around inside of me in a way that's more intimate than anything I've ever felt before.

3.  Ryan having very serious conversations with him that I am not allowed to participate in.

4.  Not being expected to carry/lift/hold/push just about anything.  It's a good thing pregnancy is replaced by a built in weight training program of lugging a baby around, or my arms would become useless noodles.

5.  Knowing that for now, he's safe and comfortable all the time. 

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