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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A bit more randomness

Every once in awhile I look through the photos on my iPhone and it's a strange snapshot into what happens in our lives on a weekly basis.

So here's the past month in Cairo told from my phone's point of view.  I'll provide the captions.

Yeah, this is my sitting car.  I get a nice view and the other dogs leave me alone.

I couldn't resist, read the bottle's label if you can.  :)

Life can be really difficult sometimes, luckily there's a comfy chair for that.

Have I mentioned he's not even a hamburger fan?

A gift from Brussels!  See, we didn't need to travel over spring break.

I can't figure out who's to blame.  It's equally likely that either of them made this happen.

Coconut ice cream served in a coconut.  Part of the reason Ryan loves the new Indian restaurant by our house.

I like the bibs... they're very manly.  Might need to steal a few for the baby.

As you do, why not take out the floor at the bottom of an escalator in the biggest mall in Cairo?

She likes his beard.  

1 comment:

  1. Love those photos, especially of the "Prego" sauce (did I read that right?), and the little one touching the beard. Our youngest daughter was fascinated by beards too.

    Too many meat patties on that Fatburger, though.