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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photo Dump

Here's another random dumping of photo's taken on my iPhone over the last few weeks.

We rock the side saddle approach, babies in tow!  And helmets are for wussies.

This one's for you Pa!  Moooooooove over, cows coming down the road.

Either he's too lazy to wash a glass or he's decided it's a good idea to start measuring his sweet tea intake.  Since he refilled it 3 times, I'm guessing it's laziness.

We finally visited the Cairo Tower, only took us 3 years!

Crib is ready and waiting!

Cleo found this ball somewhere in the house the other day, it's a little pink wiffle ball.  Absolutely no idea where it came from or where she found it.  But she luuuuuuuvs it.

Sometimes it's just too hard to move your head and lay down properly.  

Her preferred sleeping position.

Apparently the m&m's did me in.  I didn't even know this pic was on my phone, Ryan must have gone ninja style.  We call this the 9th month collapse.

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