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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Countdown to summer

Today begins the official countdown to summer. 49 days till we are out of school and off for summer vacation. Don't ask me why today is the day. I just woke up knowing  it was true.

For those of you not linked to the life of a school, summer probably  holds the promise of some rest and vacation. But for those of us  still eating our lunch in the cafeteria, summer is the end of the race, the oasis in the desert, the rest stop on the highway. Trust me, when you're dealing with kids, teachers, administrators that are nearing burnout, all anyone can think about is getting the hell out of this building.

April was a ridiculous month school-wise.  We had 3 long weekends, which meant we had 3 short weeks. Man is it easy to fall into a routine of less work and more relaxing! So the next month and a half is going to be especially difficult because we have absolutely no vacations or long weekends. It's the home stretch and they want us to sprint!

Luckily the summer plans this year are much more laid back. Instead of the crazy chaos of flying home and traveling all around America to visit family and friends, we're staying in Egypt.  We'll be coming home at Christmas, so family time isn't that far off.  We do plan on a great trip this summer though.  We're taking a 14 day cruise around the Mediterranean that leaves on July 7th, my birthday!  What a perfect birthday gift.  :) We leave from Venice and will visit, Athens, Dubrovnik, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Olympia, Venice and Ephesus.  The only place I've ever been to on that list is Venice, so I'm really excited!

Even more exciting, Matt and Tessa are going on the cruise too! So we'll get to spend some time together before they head to the states for a crazy summer. Then Ryan and I will spend a few days alone in Venice after the ship docks.  All in all it sounds like an amazing cruise and I can't wait to board.

The rest of the summer will be spending time with the pup, visits to the Red Sea and hopefully some scuba. Oh and lots of time reading and napping.  Ahhhhhh, bliss.  Oh and trying to finish writing my sequel and getting AMPED into the hands of more agents and publishers so someone will realize it's amazing and want to publish it!  


  1. It's funny because this time of year I'm racing to finish as much as possible BEFORE the kids get out of school!

  2. Thanks Johanna, that must be a very different experience! I've been "in" school either myself or teaching for the last 24 years, so it's hard to get out of that mindset.