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Monday, May 28, 2012

Haircuts and elections

On Tuesday after Cleo got a bath, I decided to brush her. It's been a few weeks since I've done this and she's been shedding like crazy lately, our blanket on the bed looks like a character from Fraggle Rock. When I started to run the brush through her fur, all of a sudden huge clumps were filling the bristles. I was amazed at first, one sweep of the brush was all it could hold, then I'd have to pull out the wad of fluff before I could keep brushing her.

Then it hit me, it was a "no shit Sherlock" moment. It's summer and getting hot, she's been losing her winter coat and baby fur at the same time. Gee maybe I should have started this sooner?  Here's the pile of fluff we were left with when we finished brushing her. It's bigger than her head.

Then over the weekend Matt and Tessa visited and we spent a lot of time watching Glee, which naturally led to many discussions about mohawks, which of course led to me giving Matt a mohawk.

It was a lot of fun, in fact Tessa said my laugh while I did it was a little evil.  He He He....:)

Oh and while all this was happening, Egypt had it's first Presidential election. I don't mean to lump the two together and insinuate that the Cushman family's haircuts are as important as the first real Presidential election in Egypt's history, it's just that those were the events going on in my life this week. 

We were prepared for a bit of chaos, but things actually went really smoothly. We were in school because our campus is so far out of the main city. And traffic wasn't even as bad as anyone expected it to be since all the government offices were closed for the two days of voting. People proudly displayed their inked fingers, proof that they had voted. Who knows what will happen over the next few months as the power shifts... but it's pretty surreal to have been here for the revolution through the election.

Oh, and the haircuts too of course.  :)

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  1. I think he needs some hair gel for his new doo :) And that is really cool about the revolution. I was in Hong Kong when Chris Pattern ( english governer ) stepped aside for Chinese rule. The pride of chinese was tangible. :) xxx