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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Goodbye junk!

Yesterday was an important day for Cleo. Though she would probably term the day as horrifying, lonely, painful and just plain mean. My little girl will never be a momma, we took her to get all her junk cut out yesterday.  Or in laymen's terms, we had her spayed.

It was a really interesting experience actually.  The clinic we went to in Maadi was wonderful. Very nice and the people working there like dogs, they played with her and talked to her and complimented her on how pretty she is. I often feel bad for Cleo, she's a very friendly and social dog, but she doesn't get to interact with a lot of people beyond our group of family and friends, because Egyptians are so scared of dogs. And really, I can't blame them. Most people in this country buy a dog as security. So there are a lot of german shepards tied up in gardens, barking their brains out and starving for attention. Then there's the packs of wild dogs that roam the streets. They're generally harmless, but seeing 5 huge dogs running towards you might put terror into anyone's heart. It's completely understandable that Egyptians are mostly nervous around dogs.

But our dog is the most non-aggressive dog I've ever met. She's sweet and docile and so happy whenever she sees anyone. She's learned to lay down and cower at the door whenever someone comes by, because if she stands up and wags her tail they run away.

It must have been a novel experience for her to be around strangers that wanted to touch her.  The doctor walked into the office laughing at the dog who was so excited to go into surgery.

When we picked her up a few hours later, she was awake, but very lethargic and glassy eyed.  She slept last night and probably will be mellow for the next few days.  But it's a huge relief to have it done and know that she's doing well.

So goodbye junk!  


  1. Hope your dog recovers soon, we had our dog spayed when she was young. Gosh that takes me back many years ago
    Have a peacfuel Sunday.


  2. You are a responsible pet owner. I congratulate you in making the correct decision.