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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Egyptian Apple Juice

I've always hated apple juice. My sip-pee cup could have pretty much any other type, just not apple. It's a been a long running joke in my family not to give Devin any apple juice. I was the only 3 year old on the block not addicted to the stuff. And I don't know why I don't like it. I like apples, I like apple cider. It's a conundrum to be sure.

Since moving to Egypt I have discovered that I like their apple juice. I found out by mistake... I accidently picked up an apple juice box instead of a mango, and discovered that it's good!

Every since that day, apple juice has become a part of my weekly breakfast/lunch ritual. And I'm pretty sure it's an Egypt specific thing. The apple juice here tastes like a tangy slightly sweet apple.  It's not too thick, or too sweet and syrupy.  It's yummy.

So don't start stocking up on apple juice if I come to visit, because I'm pretty sure I only like it here in Egypt, but isn't that strange?  It's kind of fun to know that our tastes can still change as we get older. Maybe in a few years I'll start liking melons, or cottage cheese. Ewwww, ok hopefully not the cottage cheese.


  1. When I visited Egypt back in 1992 the market was full of fruit juice stands, basically guys standing behind mountains of fruit with a blender. You could get orange, banana, strawberry, sugar cane, and several other juices blended up right before your eyes. Are those guys still around?

    1. Yes! There are lots of fresh fruit options! My favorite is when the pomegranates are in season. :)

  2. In 2011, fruit/vegetable juice in Egypt was strongly impacted by the plasticiser incident. Because the additive cloudy agent in juice products was contaminated by plasticiser the sales of juice dropped significantly.