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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Goodbye Pyramids

The time for goodbyes has begun. It's a slow process, much like the last blob of honey slowly oozing its way to the lip of the jar. We won't do them all at once, that would be too sad.  But we started with a doozy.

Yesterday we visited the Pyramids of Giza for the last time.

It was really different from the other trips we've made.  In fact I still remember the first time, just a few days after we arrived in Cairo.  It was August 2010 and it was hot.  You could smell the sand and the heat.  And it was so exotic, especially since we had just moved to this foreign place!

We were full of excitement, so tense with the anticipation of seeing those Pyramids the first time.  I shouted "Look, a Pyramid" like a little girl when I first spotted them from the window.  It was our first big plunge into the exciting life we have working abroad.  We were mobbed by camel drivers and people selling cheap trinkets, our naive smiles lured them in like sugar water. We spoke no Arabic, got hot sand in our shoes, forgot to wear sunscreen and ended our trip at the Pizza Hut across the street, exhausted, thirsty, but proud of all that we'd seen. 

Those memories are really dear to me.  

So much has changed now. We're four years older, hopefully a bit wiser, unfortunately a bit more jaded, and our family is bigger than just the two of us.

This trip to the Pyramids was very different.  March weather was perfect, the air was crisp and just cool enough to cut the warmth of the sun.  I still shouted "Look the Pyramids" when I caught the first glance of them from the car.  Even though I wasn't as excited as the first time, they still grab your attention. We weren't there for sight seeing, but more of a specific mission to get family photos.  We waited till Q was big enough to sit up on his own so we could get that perfect photo opp of the cousins sitting on a blanket in front of the only remaining wonder of the world.

We were prepared for the onslaught of security checks, people trying to stop the car, guides chasing us down the street. Our white faces stirring the desperation of all these people who live or die by tourism. 

This time we knew the ropes and had the small bills in our pockets to tip guards. We knew enough Arabic to get the most obnoxious vendors to leave us alone. It was actually a lot more pleasant than I was expecting.  Ever since the revolutions and the downfall of the tourism industry, we'd been hearing horror stories about people being harassed in Giza.  I'm not sure if we knew enough to avoid the worst of it, or if it was just a good day, but it was a relief to be left pretty much alone.

The sun was warm, but not too warm.  The wind was strong, blowing my hair around me like a cyclone.  With a clear sky and well napped babies, we had a great time taking pictures.

The day still ended at Pizza Hut, though the new rooftop terrace opened up a pretty amazing view.

And Q decided pizza crusts are delicious!

Farewell Pyramids! Your beauty and grandeur will stay with us forever. Thanks for reminding us how amazing the imagination and hard work of mankind can be.  You are still one of the most magical parts of Egypt and we'll remember you wherever we go.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed those pix, bringing the pyramids to life for those of us who haven't seen them! Great photos of your beautiful boy, too. Good luck with your new home! Hope you will continue to blog in your new location.

    1. Thanks! Don't worry, the story will go in in Moscow! :)