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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My brain hasn't been the same since I had a baby.

The best way I can think to describe it is a computer analogy.  It's like I went from using a MacBook Pro with a pretty decent processor and memory card, to a Dell with a second hand hard drive.

I'm still smart (most of the time), and I've still got it together (most of the time).  But I'm definitely not as focused, sharp or quick as I used to be.  I'm really hoping this downgrade of brainpower doesn't happen more with each kid you have or I might end up with a brain like a netbook from walmart.

So the other day we're heading out to school, which is kind of like that scene from Dances with Wolves, where the indians are moving.  They pack up their teepees, all the women and men have bags and baskets and babies strapped to their bodies.  The horses are dragging travoises laden down with all their belongings.  I'm only partially kidding, that's what it feels like each day when we head out to school.  We each have our bag, then there's the baby's diaper bag, and a lunch bag each, a smoothie cup, sometimes an extra bag of diapers or formula for the nursery, then oh yeah, the baby himself, who's a whopping 18 pound ham hock.

It's a delicate balance of straps and weight distribution, and you get the doors unlocked, I'll carry the baby, you put that bag in the trunk, while this one has to go on the back seat because there's no more room..... pant, pant, pant.  

And I guess the combination of nomad lifestyle with fewer brain cells resulted in Ryan and I getting in our seats, putting on seat belts and then he turned to me and asked for the keys.

Oh crap!  

I was so organized and already clipped the car key onto my other keys since I would be taking the car tonight.  Unfortunately I clipped them to my backpack, which was in the trunk of the car, which was now shut.

Did I mention we don't have a spare key? (insert story about how it's impossible to get a spare where we live)  Did I mention the back seat doesn't have access to the trunk?  Did I mention it was 10 minutes till we needed to be at school?  Did I mention that all of the baby's stuff and my stuff were safely ensconced in that trunk, including my computer and phone?

Luckily Ryan's stuff was all on the backseat, so he got a ride to school, and I stayed home with the baby to wait for the owner of our car to come to Rehab and unlock it for us.  

"I'll come as soon as I can," he said. 

I kept on my work clothes in hopes that he'd be here soon, and I could head into work a little late.  

Feed baby, play, read a story, change a diaper, put Quincy down for a nap.

Reached for my phone.... Oh crap that's right, it's locked in the trunk.  Reached for my computer..... oh crap, it's locked in the trunk.  Reached for Ryan's computer..... oh crap he thinks he's a spy and all his passwords are ridiculous to remember (and I have no way to call him and ask what it is).  Hmmmmmm, what to do now?

Do some dishes, do some laundry, track down the book I started reading 9 months ago, get settled in a comfy chair to read.... baby starts crying.

Change diaper, feed baby, play, read a story, tickle fat rolls, discuss the importance of not pulling mommy's hair..... rinse, repeat.

I gave up around noon and changed into my sweat pants.  And around 1:30 I stopped reaching for my phone. 

For the first time in a long time I had an entire day where I was completely unplugged.  No phone, no computer, no internet, no T.V.  and it was really weird at first, but then I kinda sunk into it and it actually felt really good.

Q and I spent about 20 minutes in the afternoon just sitting in a chair, him sprawled on my lap, looking out the window at the trees dancing in the wind.  I was rubbing his belly and he was holding onto my finger.  It was very peaceful, very present.

I enjoyed it.  Made me think I need to unplug a bit more often.

The car guy showed up at 3:30, unlocked the trunk and I had all my beautiful devices back again!  So we went inside and played with Q's toys on the floor.  I'd been waiting all day to get connected again, but once the possibility was there I didn't need it anymore.  I had a nice day with my son.

I'm not going Amish style and ditching all my tech gear, it's got a lot of purpose and helps my life every day.  But it was nice to take a moment and remember a simpler life.  To remember that we don't need all this stuff to get by, to be happy.

Though I will definitely keep better track of the car key from now on.


  1. I totally related and you had me in stitches throughout. Welcome to Motherhood.

  2. Having a baby...nothing like it to change your life.