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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Name change

I need your help!  Yes you and you and you, and very specifically you right there.

As you can see at the top of the site, the name of this blog is A Cushman in Cairo.  Well in a few months these Cushmans won't be living in Cairo any longer.

We're going from this....

 To this...

So it's time for this blog to undergo a name change, and I'm looking for suggestions.

I can stick with the present theme and just change it to A Cushman in ..... (insert something here) Though I don't think there's really any good alliteration to work with in Moscow, which isn't a big deal, but another option to think about.

Or I could mix things up and change the name to something completely different.

I've been playing with these words so far, come up with some too and then hit me with your best shot!

- Living abroad
- Moscow
- Comrade
- Kremlin
- Russia

I'm hoping one of you creative geniuses can help me revamp this title!  I'll let you know about the change soon.


  1. not comrade - too many negative connotations

  2. -Cushman Globe Trotters
    -Traveling Cushmans
    -Where's Quincy?
    -Are we there yet? Another Cushman blog
    -Jealous, aren't you?
    -Living out of suitcases. A Cushman tale
    -Liv'in the life. A Cushman tale
    -Adding more Passport stamps. A Cush...
    -My Momma misses me.

    Love, Momma

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