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Sunday, March 9, 2014

What's a Crimea?

Russia invaded the Crimea, and of course the first thing everyone wanted to ask us was, "Are you guys still moving to Moscow next year?"  Shortly followed by, "It's so dangerous there!"

Actually, my first response when I heard about Russia and the Crimea was to turn to Ryan and ask, "What's a Crimea?"  Yeah, my geography skills are a little lacking, but luckily my super brain husband keeps all the knowledge I could ever want about history, politics and the organization of the globe in his head.  All I have to do is ask for the version I'd like.  (I usually ask for the dumbed down, 2 minute version)

Through WikiRyan, I learned that the Crimea is a small peninsula sticking into the black sea (yes I had to look on a map to remember where the black sea is).  It was part of Russia until they gave it to the Ukraine.  When the Soviet Union fell apart, it became a permanent part of the Ukraine, but there's always been issues over the area.  Partly because the population is mostly Russian, and partly because big powerful leader types are always calling backsies and wanting to keep land that they've given away. (I may have come up with that last part, as Ryan's explanation was much more complicated).

Long story short...

Yes, we are still moving to Moscow.  No, we are not afraid.  In fact after living in Egypt with multiple revolutions, power and supply shortages, curfews, military coups, road blockades, closing of the U.S. Embassy and our evacuation from the city.... ehhhh, we're not really that worried about something that's happening a thousand miles away from where we'll be living next year.

Part of it is being a bit more seasoned.  Reading more sources for our news, and knowing that there's nowhere on this planet that's 100% safe.  We can't live our lives being afraid of what might happen to us if we move somewhere that is going through unrest.  Because we'd have to dig a hole and live underground.  Until the mole people got angry at us invading their territory and start a revolt. So really nowhere is safe.  But we've still got lives to live right?  So we make the best out of where we're headed and hope things don't get too crazy.

By the way did you know if you do a Google image search for Crimea the first thing that pops up is a woman's naked ass?  That along with a bunch of pictures of maps.... Strange but true.  Enjoy, you know you're going to go look now.  ;)


  1. Thanks for the history lesson, and I'll pass on the googling bit. You're brave souls, anyway.

  2. I trust you and Ryan. You are living LARGE and that is more than most people do. Enjoy your youth, your little family and life.