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Saturday, April 14, 2012


mel·ton  [mel-tn]
noun - a heavily fulled cloth, often of wool, tightly constructed and finished with a smooth face concealing the weave, used for overcoats, hunting jackets, etc.

Internet was super crappy this weekend, so I'm playing a bit of catch up.

Melton was a word I'd never heard of before, but I knew what to write about as soon as I read the definition....

So, when I met my husband Ryan, he was working at the fort in St. Augustine. We're talking full old fashioned military uniform. And as my historically genius husband taught me in my first lesson to the fort, since they didn't have air conditioning back then, in order to keep cool the soldiers wore heavy wool melton type jacket. This made them sweat, and with the sweat insulated under the wool, they actually kept surprisingly cool.

The interesting downside to this novel invention is that sweat steeped in wool for 10 hours a day is absolutely disgusting. It got so bad that I started to make Ryan strip in my garage before I'd let him come into my house after a day working at the fort. 

Melton, great for clothing, but you're gonna need a shower.

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