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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


yet  [yet]adverb the present time; now: Don't go yet. Are they here yet?
2.up to a particular time; thus far: They had not yet come. the time still remaining; before all is done: There is yet time.
4.from the preceding time; as previously; still: He came here ona vacation 20 years ago, and he is here yet. addition; again: The mail brought yet another reply.

It's like the dictionary Gods knew... the word I chose for the second to last day of the challenge is YET.

Are we there yet?

Tomorrow is the last day, last word, last time I will ever blog again... ummm, I mean, last time I will have the privilege of devoting my free time to writing about random words.  And actually it's my favorite word on the list, no really it actually is!  Always save the best for last right?  The Z word I chose randomly has 8 letters and starts with ZW.  Come on, I know you can get this one!

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  1. Love the picture! It reminds me of car trips with my kids. :)